Internet Marketing

Atlanta Internet Marketing and Website Optimization Services

Webuddha provides a wide range of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization solutions to the Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. Online marketing is a necessary compliment to any website, allowing Search Engines like Google, BING, and Yahoo to accurately identify the relevance of your product offering for the searches being performed by your target audience.

Webuddha Internet Marketing Services are a monthly contribution that drives your content. Our inclusive and targeted approach works aggressively to increase the ranking of your website and bring you qualified visitors. The key benefits and offerings of the Webuddha Internet Marketing team include:

  • Identification of Key Market Competitors
  • Management of Online Advertising Campaigns
  • Recognition of Targeted Keywords and Phrases
  • Daily Updates to Maintain an Active Impression
  • Content Managed to Actively Capture Specific Interests
  • Management of Satellite Affiliates and Linking Relationships
  • Submissions to Major Search Engines and Industry Directories

While many companies offer Search Engine Optimization services, the Webuddha Internet Marketing team provides a unique time tested method for researching your industry and determining the best approach and key phrase terminology to use for your website. These keywords and phrases, along with website formatting practices and real-time website maintenance tools, work together to improve your search engine ranking and bring you business.

Thanks to the Talent and Professionalism of the Webuddha Team, I have turned what was once a dream into a successful aviation company. I continuously receive compliments on the corporate website and the AirExpress© brand. Webuddha has developed a highly targeted marketing campaign that has resulted in international exposure and attaining clients were commonly found unreachable!

-- Humes McCoy Aviation

Website Content Authoring

The depth of content presented on your website has a great impact on the value it presents to your visitors and the value (relevance) perceived by the internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. To improve the relevance of your website in your industry, it is important to use highly descriptive and supporting documents within your website. Webuddha supports your need with our Ad Copy Authoring Service by providing content written specifically to increase visitor retention and search engine relevance.

Continuous Industry News Updates

To keep your website active as a resource, Webuddha provides continuous news content updates of articles geared for your industry. Articles can be authored specifically for your website and product, or harvested from credible and non-competing industry news feeds. By providing updated news and industry information to your website visitors, you improve the value of your website as an educational resource and increase the chance of receiving repeat visits.

Pay-Per-Click Advertisement Management

While Marketing through the internet remains a cost effective method of gathering qualified leads, it has become an extremely competitive market that requires aggressive ongoing efforts to stay abreast the competition. Search engines provide systems for advertising directly to your demographic through systems called Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertisement campaigns that represent your products and services when internet searches are performed in your industry. Webuddha Internet Marketing services can include a Pay-Per-Click advertisement management process that works to directly improve sales while increasing the ranking of your website in general search engine query results. Pay-Per-Click advertisements are one of the best methods for targeting demographics through the internet quickly and cost effectively.

Ongoing Index and Content Optimization

This involved process increases the relevance of your website content by heavily integrating industry terminology identified through a market analysis of the target market. Your home page (or index) is the most important page of the website, expressing what your primary business focus (or key competancy) is and what web pages are available within your website. Optimizing the index page content and managing the hidden html tags on a continuous basis greatly improves overall website ranking for the targeted keywords and phrases.

Newsletter Management & Distribution

Reaching out to your clients and potential customers through email newsletters is a powerful method for creating lasting brand recognition. Webuddha can provide the tools for managing a newsletter campaign internally, or can manage the process for you as part of an ongoing communication campaign.

Real-Time Website Maintenance

To maintain an active image, tools and methods are implemented throughout your website that will rotate content on a regular basis. This rotation improves the refresh rate at which Google, Yahoo, and other engines review your website for updated content.

Monthly Directory and Search Engine Submissions

To maintain representation and increase awareness of your presence it is important to submit your website to the top search engines every month. These monthly website submissions are sent directly to the search engines, as well as submitted to web directories and industry resources, improving the visibility of your content and impressing upon the search engines an image of widespread presence.

Monthly Traffic Analysis & Ranking Reports

We perform ongoing website traffic analysis and placement checks to see how well your website is performing. Based on this analysis we adjust our process in order to achieve better results. Each month you will receive detailed marketing reports showing the progress of the Webuddha Internet Marketing campaign, search engine ranking results, and updates to the initial competitive analysis.